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 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer service for both screened and unscreened pools?
Yes. We service screened and unscreened pools and will be happy to come by and discuss your needs.

Do you offer weekly pool service?
Yes. We offer a variety of pool cleaning services depending on your preferred level of involvement

Do you work all year round?
We work 51 weeks a year. The only full week that we close is the week between Christmas and New Year. We close for one day each on Memorial Day, Labor Day and July 4th. We close for 2 days at Thanksgiving. During those holiday weeks, every pool is cleaned, we just work longer hours the rest of the week and may change you to a different service day for that week.

Can you bill me by email or charge my credit card automatically each month?
 Yes. We have multiple billing options, please Contact us to discuss your needs.

My property is rented out and I don’t live locally, can you help to deal with my pool issues even though I am not there?
Yes, we have several customers that depend upon us to service their pool when they are no local. We will work with you to find a solution to your pool needs wherever you are.
Are the company vehicles clearly identified? Yes. All vehicles are clearly identified with the Star’s Pool Care name and logo.

How often should the cartridge filter element be replaced?
Many manufacturers recommend every 18 months.

How often should the D.E. filter be broken down?
Besides the routine maintenance of backwashing on a regular basis, generally the Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filter should get a filter breakdown once a year … Star’s Pool Care can assist with scheduling your DE Filter.